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DialogBox LotusScript problem - Dialogbox doesn't save values, preview of same form does
~Kirk Frowesonjip 12/16/2003 02:20 PM
Applications Development 6.0.1 All Platforms

I have a problem with DialogBox. I compute a complex outline, which is embedded on a form nuFolder. The outline entries are actions computed similarly to:

@SetProfileField("nuEmail"; "eBFolder"; "Test ABC"; @UserName); @SetProfileField("nuEmail"; "eBFolderID"; "123456"; @UserName); @SetProfileField("nuEmail"; "eBFolderEnd"; "0"; @UserName)

When I open that form in a LotusScript agent that the client calls, with DialogBox, the form is displayed and appears to work, but no values are saved to the profile doc.

flag = ws.DialogBox("nuFolder", True, True, True, False, False, False, "Select eB Folder", tmpDoc, False, True, False)

If I open that same form through preview in Notes client, it works.

I have also experimented with setting fields on the form, and reading those. Again, it does not work with DialogBox, but does with preview.

If I compose a new uidoc with that form, it works, but the agent does not wait for a selection to be made on the outline.

Set uidoc = ws.ComposeDocument("", "", "nuFolder", 6, 5, True)

I also embedded the outline on a page, and it works similarly to the composing of a new uidoc. It works, but again the agent does not wait for a selection to be made.

Call ws.OpenPage("nuFolder1")

Do I have any options other than breaking the agent into multiple agents, calling the next section of code when the page is closed? I really would prefer to be able to use DialogBox.

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